The transmitter is designed for mono and stereo radio broadcasting in the range of 65,9 - 87,5 MHz and 74 MHz - 108 MHz with frequency modulation.
Coding System - polar modulation, the pilot - tone.

You can send more information on the sub-carrier frequency broadcast- ing signal. RDS coder is built into the modulator of agent and can provide the transmission line and station ID (Radio packets OB and 2A).
The input / output signals of the transmitter:

  • Analog inputs left and right channel R and L;
  • Digital inputs AES / EBU and S / PDIF;
  • Input for external RDS;
  • 19 kHz subcarrier to the external RDS;
  • Login KCC (MPX).

Control transmitter and management - at local or remote RS 232, Ethernet (WEB, SNMP). Cooling transmitter - air. The transmitter has a desktop or rackmount

output powerь1 kW
power consumption 2,0 kW
overall dimensions W*D*H483х610х145 mm, 3 U
integrated noise/ psophometric noise- 80 dB/- 70 dB
THD (harmonic distortion)0,03 %


Type of cooling air
Frequency modulation 65,9–74/ 87,5–108 MHz
Carrier frequency deviation 50 Hz
Uneven level mono/stereo ± 0,2/± 0,3 dB
Stereo channels offset ± 0,1 dB
Integrated noise/ Psophometric noise - 80 dB/- 70 dB
Crosstalk attenuation on 1000 Hz 68 dB
Asynchronous AM 0,1%
Synchronous AM 0,15%
Side emission -80 dB
Weight 30 kg