VHF FM transmitters

VHF / FM transmitters


"MART" JSC offers VHF transmitters of "Iney-M" line with power from 100 W to 4 kW for organization of monophonic and stereophonic radio broadcasting (in the range 65,9-74 MHz with polar modulation, in the range from 87,5 to 108 MHz – with the use of pilot tone).  

While broadcasting with pilot tone it is possible to transmit additional information the use of RDS system (it can be the name of the radio station, piece of music etc.). Amplifier exciter modulator has an in-built RDS coder, at the same time operation from external RDS generator is possible.        

"Iney-M" transmitters are performed in 19" rack and equipped with remote control system.

Transmitter units have forced air cooling, fans control system maintains the minimal noise level during operation 0,1-2 kW transmitters are performed as one unit (case) (for 0,1-0,5 kW transmitters - 2U size, for    1 kW transmitters – 3U size), 2 kW transmitters consist of two units: exciter (1U) and power amplifier (3U). Transmitters with power up to 2 kW can be mounted on a table or installed in 19” rack together with other equipment.

At a customer’s request transmitters with power up to 500 W can be supplied with 100% automatic redundancy – two transmitters plus redundancy unit (1U).

"Iney-M" transmitters are certified with the Certification system for radio communication.