Digital television (TV) transmitters

Digital television (TV) transmitters


Digital television transmitters DVB-T/T2 of "Neva-D" line are designed with the use of the modern element base and meet the requirements of Russian and European standards in line with recommendations from international companies and customer requests.  

These transmitters can operate in various climatic conditions in fixed and mobile radio centers in non-stop 24/7 unattended mode - without an operator. TV transmitter can be controlled both: locally from the front panels and remotely (WEB-interface, SNMP) - via Ethernet.   

"Neva-D" digital TV transmitters provide operation in all modes within standards EN 30074 (DVB-T) and EN 302755 (DVB-T2). Input interface - 2 х ASI, TSoIP. Synchronization in single-frequency network through external reference signals 10MHz and 1ppS or through in-built GLONASS/GPS receiver.  

10-100 W transmitters are manufactured as one unit (case) of 2U size, 200-500 W transmitters consist of two units: exciter (1U) and power amplifier (3U). Transmitters with power up to 500 W can be mounted on a table or installed in 19” rack together with other equipment. Transmitter units have forced air cooling, fans control system maintains the minimal noise level during operation.   

Transmitters with an output of more than 1 kW are designed for rack installation with air and liquid cooling. "Liquid" transmitters employ closed-loop direct cycle cooling system filled with antifreeze under excess operating pressure. 

"Neva-D" transmitters are certified with the Certification system for radio communication.