ADTV 1/0,5 kW TV transmitter

  • Dual cast capability: digital and analog TV in the same transmitter;
  • Digital standards DVB-T or DVB/T2;
  • The analog to digitaltransition is provided byreplacement of the exciter (modulator) and  by the off-frequency emission filter re-adjustment or replacement;
  • Operation is provided in SFN synchronization mode via GLONASS/GPS or externalreference 10 MHz oscillator and “1PPS” as well as in multi-frequency networks;
  • Monitoring and controlare available in local and remote modevia  RS232, Ethernet (WEB, SNMP);
  • High efficiency air cooling system;
  • Desktop or rack mount are provided.
output poweranalog mode 1 kW/ digital mode 0,5 kW
power consumptionanalog mode 7 kW/ digital mode 2 kW
overall dimensions W*D*H 545х1570х805 mm (bookcase 32 U)


Type of cooling air
Number of exciters 1
Number of amplifiers 1
Weight 35 kg