ADTV transmitters

Analogue-digital transmitters


Our company has designed a new line of transmitters for television broadcasting – ADVT TV transmitters. They can operate in analogue broadcasting at the powers from 1,0 to 20 kW, and can shift to digital broadcasting with powers form 0,5 to 10 kW. Power ratio for "analogue"/ "digital" modes is 2/1. All transmitters meet the requirements of Russian and European standards, international companies recommendations and customer requests.    

We’ve managed to reach the maximum unification of the main chords of TV transmitters: exciter – 1U, control unit – 1U or 2U, power amplification – 3U, power units are similar to all chords. 19” rack mounting of the chords allows for any necessary configuration in terms of redundancy and transmitter power.

The equipment employs NXP LDMOS power transistors with high linearity, detuning immunity,  and high gain.

Transmitters can operate in round-the-clock mode unattended (without an operator).

All TV transmitters of ADVT line have the relevant certificates of compliance.