ATC radio (max 50 W) is designed for voice receiving and transmitting in A3E class of emission and digital data in A2D (ACARS) and G1D (V DL2) classes of emission.


Operating frequency range 117.975-137 MHz
Class of emission А3Е, A2D (ACARS), G1D (VDL2)
Radiation power 50 W
Power gradations from 5 to 50 W with 1 W increment

Relative instability

of operating frequency


Frequency spacing 25 and 8.3 kHz

Harmonic emission

components weakening

Not less than 90 dB

Nonlinear distortions coefficient

of the transmitter, not more


Sensitivity in

A3E class of emission

Not worse than 1 µV

Sensitivity in

G1D class of emission (VDL2)

Not worse than 2.9
Remote control E1, Ethernet, USB
Voice digital data transmission ITU-T G.703, VoIP
Built-in control and test system Provided
Continuous operation cycle Provided

Power supply

- main

- backup


~220 V (50 Hz)

+24 V

Overall dimensions 220х132х370 mm
Weight Not more than 8 kg