Antenna AR-100А-02


  • Can be used in the field conditions and installed on vehicles, masts, radio transmitting towers, prepared sites, etc.
  • Designed to operate as part of AR-100 series equipment (or similar)

  • Receives and transmits electromagnetic waves in the frequency range from 100 to 512 MHz

  • Forms omnidirectional radiation in the horizontal plane


  • AR-100A-02 is a modified broadband discone antenna
  • Antenna’s radiators are designed as supple metal plates allowing its fast deployment. It can be packed in a shipping tube.

  • The design ensures small wind load and weight

  • The configuration minimizes the influence of mismatching characteristics and ensures lightning protection.



Img.1 – Antenna SWR diagram

- - - - - vertical mast

_____ horizontal cross arm

МГц – MHz

Img.2 – Antenna gain diagram

______ Gain in the direction of maximum
- - - - - - Gain in the direction of the horizon

МГц – MHz



Operating frequency range, MHz 100 – 512
Directional pattern in horizontal plane Circular
Gain relatively to the isotropic radiator, dBi 1.5 ± 0.5
Radiation unevenness in the horizontal plane, not more, dB, not more 1
SWR at the feeder’s output (50 Ω), not more 2.2
Polarization Vertical
Maximuminputpower, not more 500 W
Dimensions when deployed, mm, not more ø650 x 790
Shipping cover dimensions, mm, not more ø150 х 890
Weight, kg, not more 2.5
Weight with a cover, kg, not more 4.5
Allowable wind speed, m/s, not more 45
Connector for feeder connection SR-50-131FV
Lightning protection Provided