Power Dividers

Power dividers 


"MART" JSC develops and manufactures a line of high efficient power dividers for transmitting antenna-feeder devices.  TV radio transmitting antenna is a complex equipment consisting of several smaller antennas (units) which connects to an operating transmitter through feeder.

Power dividers are designed to distribute television radio signal coming from a transmitter through the feeder between units of the radio transmitting antenna. Power dividers, essentially, are transformers which provide connection between the lines with different wave impedances. Our dividers ensure very good matching (tuning, coupling factor) and minimal attenuation (SWR – 1,05).

"MART" JSC offers power dividers with power division ratios from 1-2 up to 1-6 for all television and radio broadcasting wave ranges (I, II, VHF, FM, III, IV, V). The dividers have various throughput with minimal overall sizes.