5 kW UHF DVB Bandpass Filter

  • Designed for TV DVB-T broadcasting
  •  Retuning within two TV bands
  •  6 (8) cavities with double cross-coupling
  •  Temperature-compensation construction concept
  •  No need for forced cooling
frequency range470 - 862 MHz
overall dimensions W*D*H, mm560x360x375 (non-critical mask); 735x360x375 (critical mask)
TV диапазонIV-V

Filter typical characteristics



 Filter typical characteristics



Signal type digital
Output connector type 7/16 DIN
Turnable within whole UHF range 1 kW (DVB-T/T2)
Temperature compensated ≤ 2 kHz/K
No need for cooling (o) -10°C … +50°C
Type of output 7/16 DIN nest
Number of cavities / diameter 6/110 (non-critical mask); 8/110 (critical mask)
Color Painted Black
Mass 36 kg