DVB-T/T2 Filters

Filters for digital transmitters


Filters for digital transmitters produced by “MART” JSC make more efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum due to the fact that they can operate in the neighboring channels, and also provide electromagnetic compatibility for receiving and transmitting equipment, meet the higher requirements in terms of out-of-band emission for cascades of transmitters.

"MART" JSC has developed the new line of out-of-band emission filters for digital transmitters with power from 50 to 5000 W. 

Transmitter filters are produced with the use of direct coupled coaxial resonators. In digital mode the filters employ crosscoupling between resonators in order to increase frequency response steepness.   

The use of direct coupled coaxial resonators as a basis for digital transmitting filters, thorough design solutions and high quality materials ensure the following:

  1. Absence of damaged frequency bands up to the third harmonic.
  2. Low intrinsic losses (due to high Q-factor).
  3. Retuning of the operating channel within IV-V TV bands.
  4. High thermal stability
  5. Effective setting algorithm

Band-pass filters for digital transmitters developed and manufactured by “MART” JSC, depending on the configuration, provide “critical” and “non-critical” mask of out-of-band emissions.

Digital transmitter filters are the basis for signal combiners where the signal comes from several transmitters (including the neighboring TV channels), they also provide out-of-band emission mask up to its “critical” value. Delivery of band-pass filters in Saint Petersburg and Moscow is possible.