Dual-band combiner

The combiner adds a signal from a new transmitter into the trunk to previously combined signals during operation with a dual-band (66…74 +87…108) MHz antenna.


  • Broadband input
  • Increases the number of ЧМ/FM transmitters connected to the antenna
  • Filter’s temperature compensation

Combiner’s cell diagram

The combiner consists of four cells for connection of four 16 kW ЧМ (66 – 74 MHz) transmitters and 9 kW FM (87.5-108 mhz) transmitters connected to the broadband input.


Maximum power at the narrowband input Up to 5 kW
Maximum power at the broadband input Up to 20 kW
Maximum total power Up to 25 kW
Transmitter minimum frequency spacing 350 kHz
Signal attenuation > -0.5 dB
SWR <1.15
Isolation between inputs >30дБ
Dimensions (depends on power and frequency spacing) [650…860]х[1000…2550]х1350 (mm)
Weight (90…250) kg