"ZPT3 - 4" Antenna

"ZPT3-4" broadband antennas are  designed for operation with analog and digital TV transmitters of mean and high power in III TV range.

frequency range66-74/ 87,5 -108/ 174-230 MHz
height60,0/ 24,0/ 71,0 m
max. input powerup to 20 kW
TV bandsIII TV








 Radiation Patterns


Диаграмма направленности в горизонтальной плоскости


Horizontal Radiation Pattern


Диаграмма направленности в вертикальной плоскости


Vertical Radiation Pattern


Signal type analog/digital
Type zigzag antenna
Polarization horizontal
Gain 6 dBd
Input connector and connective flange as agreed with Customer
Input impedance 50/75 Ohm
Weight 420; 350/140 kg
VSWR ≤ 1,15/≤ 1,11