"SIVASH-SKEW" two-level panel antennas are designed for operation with analog and digital TV transmitters of mean and high power. They must be fixed around the tower with up to 10λ section.

frequency range470-862 MHz
height4,2 m
max. input power32 kW
TV bandsIV-V








Radiation Patterns  


 Диаграмма направленности в горизонтальной плоскости


Horizontal  plane


Диаграмма направленности в вертикальной плоскости


Vertical plane


Signal type analog/digital
Type panel Antenna
Gain up to 12 dBd
Input connector and connective flange as agreed with Customer
Input impedance 50/75 Ohm
Wind speed (max) up to 60 mps
Weight 210 kg
VSWR ≤ 1,15