"Sivash-0,25DM" Antenna

"Sivash-0,25-DM" broadband stand-alone one-bay multi-input panel antennas are designed for operation with analog and digital TV transmitters of  low power. The main feature is a capability of direct connection of 1 to 4 transmitters (3+1) to MSS 4x4 antenna unit (Matrix Split System) without asing any additional equpment. The application of combiners, dividers and reservation systems is not justified when feeder lenght to antenna is small (50-80 m) and using of common main feeder in non-value-added.

frequency range470-862 MHz
гoverall dimensions (A*B*C)2215x700x700 mm
max. input power0,5 kW
TV bandsIV-V









Electric circuit 


 Electric circuit


Antenna pattern in Horizontal plane


 Input 1

Input 2

Input 3

Input 4


Antenna pattern in Vertical plane


Диаграмма направленности в вертикальной плоскости


Antenna gain relative to half-wave dipole, dB


Усиление антенны отностиельно полуволнового диполя, дБ


CIsolation between inputs,  dB


Переходное ослабление между входами, дБ


VSWR at the antenna input
КСВ на входе антенны 


Signal type analog/digital
Type panel Antenna
Gain up to 6 dBd
Input connector and connective flange as agreed with Customer
Input impedance 50/75 Ohm
Wind speed (max) up to 60 mps
Weight ≈ 95 kg
VSWR ≤ 1,15