Broadcast bands

Antennas for IV-V TV bands

The parameters of digital TV signal require the installation of radiating antennas designed for IV-V frequency bands and, at the same time, they are to meet strict compliance with special requirements to them such as:

  • stability of characteristics over the entire band,
  • possibility to form appropriate radiation patterns,
  • high reliability and resistance to different external factors and
  • long-lasting operating time.

Using the new principles of commonality and reliability, we developed and manufactured the radiating panel for IV-V TV bands.
The series of antennas "Sivash" and their modifications are manufactured according to this development.

Our specialists design and carry out projects of antenna-feeder paths for particular customers according to:

  • requested field configurations,
  • appropriate variants of installation,
  • concrete proposal for equipment and materials.

Performance characteristics of antennas provide their standard operation in extreme environmental conditions.